Who Went Where How & Why

IMG_2976-Edit Recently I found myself sitting alone with some spare time, which in today’s  world is a luxury. There were many things that I began to ponder, such as who we are as a species. I went on wondering how and why we are where we are in the 21st Century. We live in a paradoxical world of everything and nothing. We have complete freedom and yet we are enslaved by many aspects of our modern world.

Please wait a minute for I just need to check my email as I just received a text message. My thoughts drifted through time and through our modern history. Whilst ancient history is both fascinating and interesting, it is what it is, ancient history. The human species has been consistent throughout our history for we are only two things, constructive or destructive…we make babies or we kill them. Dramatic shocking analogy but it works to highlight the point.

There is a Great Zimbabwe, away from the common tourist spot, where the jungle has covered the walls of the fortress constructed to protect those indigenous people in the Zambezi Valley. It is like many other ancient structures, constructed to protect from one of many types of threat. We have only two responses to a threat, fight or flight. So if the welfare of the human species is in a state of eternal conflict, then we have been consistent throughout our history.

There is no difference between yesterday and today. Yesterday we lived in fear of one thing or another. Today we still live in the shadow of fear even though we understand the notion of the only thing to fear is fear itself. The reason that we live in fear today is because the world has lost something that is critical in the fight or flight response to a threat. We have lost trust in our world because it is in a transition from the West to the East, a huge paradigm shift. We wonder what the current Zeitgeist will be regarding our modern world.

Cognitive psychology would explain that we have certain conditioning agents that exist today. Today the sourcing, retention and retrieval of knowledge is one click of a button away. We are breeding ahistorical  generations who will only ever know the world wide web and who demand instant gratification. Where will they get wisdom from, certainly not from history. The internal mental state of the individual is being conditioned by data transferred through time and space by technology.

The Ahistoricism that exists today is because there is a lack of concern for history, historical development, or tradition from X,Y,Z generations. I was a baby boomer who is transitioning into becoming the sandwich generation and quite frankly I am not fearful of the future but I am most concerned. Does the dumbing down of our society in the West leave a window of opportunity open for the East to quietly enter?

I grew up in a world where it took a male and a female to be father and mother and there were no test tube babies. Now we have same sex parents and babies that have three parents.  Britain became the first country to approve three parent babies. Can you imagine the size of the parental form sent home with the child so that they can do whatever the school requires parental approval for, that says get mummy and mummy or daddy and daddy or all three to sign the form.

We live in a world of stranger danger where children are escorted wherever they go and where one can not take out a camera at your own child’s sporting event without being shot yourself. The only onward Christian soldier in the future will be limping home from war as Mohammed will have the Ten Commandments that will have been rewritten in Sharia Law.

It is the best of times and it is the worse of times as we have complete freedom in our politically correct mufti-cultural, multipolar global village of the future. Our bipolar world of yesterday has been changed by the new world order. When I grew up a BRIC was a component in a building and today it is an alliance and if you add the letter s, it does not make it plural.

Today we live in a world that has impunity and one that has a lack of trust. I wonder what tomorrow will have in stall. The time passed by and I wondered still and silently on how we got to where we are today. Maybe I do not need to Google the question for I already have the answer. If the perfect question is why then there is only one answer, which is because.