So Sincerely Sorry

Sorry is the Hardest Word

This is just a preamble to Gareth Evans piece – JAN 28, 2014 4

The word alone is such a powerful concept. Just the mention of these five letters in this combination increases the heart rate in either fear or in delight. There is much associated with this word and in this first quarter of the 21st Century have we evolved as humans and become self actualised for just a nanosecond of time, enough to turn on the light.

Sorry let me check that the energy source is green first before I turn on the light. Okay now that we are using solar power to write this post my conscious is clear and so there is no need for me to say sorry for using fossil fuels in this instance. If you are an academic or professional then read on with the understanding that this is not some intellectual discourse, pseudo or otherwise.

This idea of sorry being the hardest word to say is merely one way of viewing the word and the associated ideas that go with it. If we look at the concept and idea of the word, then may it be from the opposites of fear and delight (security). In the first instance it may be from a fear perspective that we associate and perpetuate the loathing for the use of the word. May be we have been biased in such a way that through multi-generational conditioning, fear is a sign of weakness or some form of subordinate positional stance.

Then there is the possibility that one can adopt an antipodean  stance through the association of ideas like, forgiveness (Mandela) or an apology to indigenous Australians (Aborigines). The idea of ‘sorry’ being something that is part  of bridge building, negotiations, conflict mediation and resolution that is empowering, gives strength and shows wisdom is another way of relating to this word.

Sorry, have you got the time to continue reading because I refuse to say sorry here for the verbose style of this post, because it is well imbued and part of the nature of the writer. It is far easier to say sorry and feign sincerity in our modern world. Sorry for tapping your telephone or for the accidental bombing of innocent civilians. Whatever, get over it and sorry.

Sorry for the Bombing

Sincere Sorry in Silence

Sorry is the Hardest Word

Sorry expressed sincerely as an expression of guilt or remorse and in recognition of sorrow.

I’m sorry I really do not know much about saying sorry nor saying please as they are associated with a weak position out of my own fear. 

Sincerely Sorry

Sincerely Sorry